Hi, I'm Alex.

Games Programmer from Melbourne.

Professional Work

TIEBREAK is the official tennis game of the ATP and WTA. Take part in the major tournaments of the official calendar, challenge the community in multiplayer, and impose your style of play.

Cricket 24 is the culmination of a decade of Cricket video game development and includes teams from around the globe.

AFL 23 - Feel the Atmosphere, Chase your dreams and Make it your own - in the most realistic AFL game ever!

Hobby Projects

Slime Cube

My most recent graphics/game engine...
This engine will be focused on user interaction over rendering, hopefully allowing anyone to create complex scenes with little to no knowledge of programming. 

PBR Renderer

This project is a graphics renderer in OpenGL that uses a Physically based rendering pipeline to render models with lighting that closely resemble real-life lighting by using up to 6 different textures per model. 

Frozen Depths

This was my final project at AIE Melbourne, I was responsible for programming the ice melting and creation by using an algorithm called cube marching.

2D unnamed game

This is a game I decided to make to test if I could create a 2D game using OpenGL, This game contains 2d collision, sprite rendering, text rendering, texture atlasing, and user input.

Hex Game

I used a custom procedural generation algorithm that uses Perlin noise to generate height then using that height creating rivers which are used to determine each tiles humidity based on the distance away from the closest water tiles and based on a tiles height and humidity it will determine what kind of tile it will become giving a more realistic looking terrain.

Temple of the Yokai

This project was my first big group project.

I was in charge of all UI and the serilization of settings, This project gave me a better understanding of how the UI in unity works and helped me to understand controller input in unity.

Olde Beach Disaster

This was my first 48 hour game jam.

I was in charge of all the enemy spawns and giving each enemy a random combiniton of ice cream that you would have to make and shoot at them to stop them from reaching the main land.

Fluid Simulator

This project was the result of my addiction to cellular automata after the previous project.

In this projects i used a simple falling sand mechanic and applied it to a grid then added the ability to have more dence cells and the ability for flowing water which would give the result of having a fluid.

Cellular Automata Noise Gen

This was my first project that included any kind of noise and was programmed using the AIE bootstrap engine in C++.
The algorithm in this project uses a variation of the rock paper scissors cellular automata published by softology in one of his blogs.

Wire World

This project is another type of cellular automata.

In this project i used a rule set known as Wire world with this rule set you can create complex machines and can even create entire computers that can do all kinds of math.

Get in touch at alexmollard@protmail.com