Frozen Depths

This was my final project at AIE Melbourne, I was responsible for programming the ice melting and creation by using an algorithm called cube marching.

2D unnamed game

This is a game I decided to make to test if I could create a 2D game using OpenGL, This game contains 2d Physics, sprite rendering, text rendering, texture atlasing, and user input.

Still in progress...

PBR Renderer

This project is a graphics renderer in OpenGL that uses a Physically based rendering pipeline to render models with lighting that closely resemble real-life lighting by using up to 6 different textures per model.

Hex Game

I used a custom procedural generation algorithm that uses Perlin noise to generate height then using that height creating rivers which are used to determine each tiles humidity based on the distance away from the closest water tiles and based on a tiles height and humidity it will determine what kind of tile it will become giving a more realistic looking terrain.

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